84 year-old multiple war veteran smacks down teen who attempts to rob him

Back in early February, I blogged about 80 y/o WWII veteran James Pickett, who refused to be a robbery victim in his own home by shooting one of two teenaged thugs who broke into his house and threatened him with a knife. The feisty Pickett, in an interview with WFAA, warned the two perps not to come back.

Late last week, the Mercury News reported on another elderly war veteran who took a teen to the woodshed when he tried to hold him up as he was walking down the street (h/t: ST reader Steve Skubinna):

SANTA ROSA – A boy in his mid-teens learned Wednesday afternoon that it is not a good idea to try to rob a former U.S. Marine at knifepoint, even if the former Marine is 84 years old, police said today.

Santa Rosa police Sgt. Steve Bair said that’s what happened around 2 p.m. in the 1600 block of Fourth Street. The elderly man was walking with a grocery bag in each arm when the boy approached him with a large knife, Bair said.

The boy said, “Old man, give me your wallet or I’ll cut you,” Bair said. The man told the boy he was a former Marine who fought in three wars and had been threatened with knives and bayonets, Bair said.

The man then put his bags on the ground and told the boy that if he stepped closer he would be sorry. When the boy stepped closer, the man kicked him in the groin, knocking him to the sidewalk, Bair said. The ex-Marine picked up his grocery bags and walked home, leaving the boy doubled over, Bair said.

The man reported the attempted robbery to police 45 minutes later.

Heh. Some young punks have just have to learn the hard way ;)

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