Davidson Wildcats lose chance to go to the Final Four

Davidson WildcatsStephen Curry and the gang at Davidson played their behinds off tonight against #1 Kansas, proving that just because you’re ranked #10 doesn’t mean you have to play like a #10 team. In the end, though, as the last 16 seconds of the game winded down with Davidson in possession, the last second shot didn’t go through, and the Jayhawks won 59-57, and will go on to play Carolina in the Final Four.

Hats off to the Wildcats in spite of today’s heartbreaking loss. They had a phenomenal season, played a great tournament, and have nothing to be ashamed of. They’ll get a huge welcome when they make it back home.

And now, I go from saying “Go Wildcats” to saying “Go Jayhawks!” :D

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