Hillary: The 2008 version of Rocky Balboa? (UPDATE: THE REAL “ROCKY” ENDORSED MCCAIN)

With her once-high poll numbers slipping in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton is pulling out all the stops to try to win over Keystone state voters which, as the NYT Caucus blog reports, apparently includes the adoption of the Rocky theme:

PHILADELPHIA — Move over, Celine Dion. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a brand new theme song, and it could knock you sideways.

“Rocky” anthem of the underdog, and a Philly favorite to boot, rose up on the sound system Monday night at a Clinton rally in nearby Fairless Hills, Pa. Today, Mrs. Clinton has grabbed on to Rocky’s story as her own, telling labor leaders here that like him, she’s not a quitter.

“Let me tell you something” she said in remarks prepared for delivery later this morning to the A.F.L.-C.I.O. “When it comes to finishing the fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people.”

She is referring, of course, to the calls for her to leave the ring. Senator Barack Obama has won more delegates, has more overall popular votes and has won more states. Some of his top supporters, notably Senator Patrick Leahy, have said Mrs. Clinton should concede and leave the stage before things get too ugly, that she has no way to win.


“Now, this is one of the most important elections we’ve ever had” she says in her remarks. “There is so much at stake. But just as it’s getting time to vote here in Pennsylvania, Senator Obama says he’s getting tired of it. His supporters say they want it to end. Well, could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten half way up those Art Museum steps and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough?'”

Sheesh. Just what will we see next? Hillary jogging up the “Rocky steps” to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, waving her hands in the air triumphantly? The Obama campaign trotting out the race card again by suggesting that Hillary is implying that Barack Obama is the Apollo Creed of the 2008 Dem presidential campaign season?

All I can say is: Bring on the Photoshops! ;)

In the meantime, while Obama is gaining ground in Pennsylvania, he’s got some problems in Indiana thanks, in part, to his 20 year mentorship with his “former” pastor Jeremiah Wright. No matter how much he wants it to, its clear that Barack Obama’s reverend problems are not going away.

Update – 6:01 PM: Just saw this link via Drudge. In reality, Sly Stallone has endorsed John McCain:


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