Worst April Fools’ joke ever?

I read yesterday about the April Fools’ joke Hillary played to the press yesterday, and after watching this video clip of it, I can tell you that reading about it made it seem much more humorous than watching and listening to her tell it:

I know she was trying to sound serious so the punchline at the end would go off (hopefully for her) go off well, but she sounded so scripted, so wooden, so removed, and not in any way personable. This is nothing new to anyone of us who have followed Hillary Clinton’s career over the years, but the video just provides a stark reminder of why her unfavorable ratings remain low. She exudes the warmth of the Antarctic Circle.

In semi-related news, did you know that just below the surface of John McCain’s campaign exists a covert racist and sexist element? I didn’t either …. but Jon Henke has the details here.

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