VIDEO: Hillary bombs at bowling on the Ellen show

Think Barack Obama was bad with his 37 score? Wait til you get a load of this:

She only knocked down one pin. One. However in her defense she did only bowl one set of frames, although from the looks of things I don’t think it would have gotten any better.

The most unintentionally funny part of the segment: When Mrs. Clinton tries to solicit help from the audience, Ellen tells her, “No, don’t cheat.”

Here’s the story, via CNN’s Political Ticker:

(CNN) — Hillary Clinton is lucky Barack Obama didn’t bite on her April Fools Day wager.

Appearing on the talk show Ellen Monday, the New York senator showed her bowling skills may be every bit as lacking as those of her chief rival. On a makeshift bowling alley on the show’s set, Clinton missed the pins entirely on her first try, and only knocked out one on her second and final attempt.


She told reporters later on her campaign plane she even has her own bowling ball, bag, and shoes from her days in the White House, though acknowledged she hasn’t bowled since those days.

Riiight. And my lucky football helmet and cleats are collecting dust in the attic. 8-|

Memo to Hillary: Take my advice, and stick to what you’re good at – which is politicking, demagoguing, and lying … but I repeat myself.

And while we’re at it, how about another round of Caption This?

HRC photo courtesy of AP. BO photo courtesy of AFP.

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