Senate Democrats have trouble with numbers

I don’t know whether to laugh, scream, cry and/or all of the above after seeing this (h/t: Jon Henke). The only thing I can add to Duane Patterson’s commentary about how two Senate leaders asserted over a month ago a higher Republican filibuster number and are now asserting that it’s lower is that I’m sure Hillary Clinton wishes that’s how people would count Barack Obama’s superdelegates.

Oh, and make sure to check out this audio link to a statement Majority Leader Reid made on the Senate floor yesterday about how visitors to the Capitol in the summertime “smell.” I don’t know the context of the remarks, but on the heels of Barack Obama’s “bitter” comments, they sure don’t help Democrats in their attempts to appeal to the “common man” any.

What really smells, Mr. Reid? Oh, where do I start? :-?

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