VIDEO: “Hill-Rod” versus “baRACK” on WWE Monday Night Raw

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain issued pre-recorded statements in advance of the WWE’s Monday Night Raw show in Greenville, SC, and included a video snippet of their statements. This was all done as a part of WWE’s “Smackdown Your Vote” voter registration effort campaign.

What I didn’t know they were going to do on Monday night was to hold a “match” between “Hill-Rod” and “baRACK” – impersonators, of course, but all the same, I just caught the video of it and literally LOL’d through most of it. Whoever wrote it did their homework on the candidates as well as the “Bill Clinton,” who acted in the role of Hillary’s manager during the match. You’ve got Barack being sensitive about the ref checking behind his ears – in real life, BO’s is indeed sensitive to being teased about his ears. You’ve got Bill trying to steal the limelight from Hillary, “baRACK” acting very much like the real wrestler “Rock” – it’s pretty funny. There are a few things in their that will offend the easily offended, but it is the WWE, so you have to keep that in mind while viewing it. Click below to watch, if you’re in the mood for a little humor :)

I’m not so sure the SC audience appreciated it too much – I don’t get the impression that wrestling fans particulary cotton to liberal Democrats or, for that matter, inserting politics into the sport of pro wrestling, especially considering the fact that they can always see Hillary and Barack wrestling in real life on a daily basis, and don’t have to pay for it – unless one of the two candidates happens to get elected, of course, and then we’ll all be paying, a lot more than we do now …

Thanks to a liberal friend who would probably rather I didn’t mention his name on this blog out of fear of retaliation for the tip ;)

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