Campaign 2008 news (FRIDAY OPEN THREAD)

The latest:

—– Maybe Rev. Wright won’t hurt him as much here after all: new Zogby poll numbers are showing BO with a 16 point advantage over Hillary Clinton just four days before the NC primary. That same poll shows a tie in Indiana. However …

—— A TeleResearch Corp. poll has Hillary up by 10 poins over Obama in IN. I think she’ll win in IN, but I don’t think it will be a decisive one like OH and PA. However, it will help her in the popular vote count argument, which she’ll use with the superdelegates when push comes to shove.

—– And while on the subject of the Indiana primary, the Indianapolis Star has endorsed La Clinton.

—– Tom Maguire has the details of a former Joe Biden campaign office manager turned Barack Obama supporter who asked John McCain at a townhall meeting yesterday in Des Moines, IA whether it was true he called his wife the “c” word back in 1992. An excited HuffPo has the video. Nothing like returning to the “issues” after that awful ABC News Clinton v. Obama debate, eh? Jules Crittenden weighs on this story here.

—– The Politico reports this morning that the Nutroots are outraged that the “nation’s top Democrats” have suddenly decided to appear on Fox News again. Don’t these clueless wonders realize that in the end, the desire to appeal to every last voter you can trumps “principle”?

—– Also from The Politico: Even though the Clinton and Obama are raising record numbers of campaign cash, the DNC itself hasn’t been so lucky:

In an election year marked by jaw-dropping Democratic fundraising, one key political player isn’t so flush: The Democratic National Committee.

Despite record hauls by Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, the DNC has raised less than half the amount taken in by the Republican National Committee.

Glad to hear it, but I wonder how much of this we’ll read/hear about in mainstream media outlets like the NYT, WaPo, etc?

—– Today’s must-read: Charles Krauthammer revisits Obama’s Philadelphia speech on race.

—– The AP has a cool story up about a Republican blogger in Minnesota who has been following closely the candidacy of Democrat candidate for Senate Al Franken. The blogger, Michael Brodkorb, is responsible for getting the word out about Franken’s recently discovered “bookkeeping problems,” which led to Franken having to pay some $70K in back taxes and penalties. Ah, the power of citizen journalism …

—– Here are dueling opinons on McCain’s just-released healthcare plan: Conservative Senator Jim DeMint (SC) writes that McCain’s plan gives “power to the people”, but the National Journal’s Clive Cook sees big problems with it. I report, you decide.

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