Monday open thread

Busy this morning – will check back in later this afternoon or evening.

One must-read I’ve been able to scan this morning: Jim Geraghty at NRO’s Campaign Spot writes about why tomorrow is huge for Obama:

Tomorrow could actually determine quite a bit. If Obama wins both, lots of superdelegates will jump on board, and you’ll see new pressure on Hillary to leave the race, i.e., “if Hillary can’t beat him in Indiana, where can she beat him?” If Hillary wins both, the good ship Obama is listing and taking on water. If it’s a split, the most likely scenario, then it’s another Groundhog Day, where we get another six weeks of campaigning.

(Actually, here’s why Obama really can’t afford two losses tomorrow. Next week, he’s probably going to lose West Virginia by 20-30 points. The following week he’s probably going to lose Kentucky by 20-30 points. Demographically, those states are similar to western and central Pennsylvania. If he thinks his press is bad now, wait until he’s gone 0-for-7 in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. And to be honest, 1-for-7 won’t be that much better.)

And Marc Ambinder has more on that HuffPo piece regarding the Clinton campaign’s consideration of a “nuclear option” in an attempt to take over the delegate lead by using shall we say “creative” ways of pushing for the DNC to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates.

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