On the eve of North Carolina and Indiana

We’re less than 12 hours away from the polls opening in both North Carolina and Indiana. I’ll have a more in-depth post in the morning to kick things off, but wanted link up this evening to a “Cliff’s Notes” of sorts that I saw at Fox called the “Brainroom Briefing Book.” It’s got the 411 on the delegate counts at stake in NC and IN, the demographics, what to watch for tomorrow, and other interesting tidbits of information on these two battleground primary states.

It’s longish, but well-worth the read.

Late-breaking news:

—– More than 200 economists have criticized Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s “gas tax holiday” plans. What do you think of it?

—– Did McCain tell Arianna Huffington that he didn’t vote for Bush in 2000? Hmm. Oh and, re: McCain: Why does this not surprise me? Sigh.

—– Chris Hitchens wonders if Michelle Obama was “responsible for the Jeremiah Wright fiasco.” On a related note, she spoke today in Charlotte at Ovens Auditorium. Haven’t been able to find a recap of the event yet.

—– Obama sez, “Don’t buy into this electability argument.”

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