WaPo joins the NYT in trying to manufacture a McCain “scandal”

Amanda Carpenter has the details on the WaPo story, and notes how an Obama surrogate in Oregon is playing “six degrees to the Keating Five” on McCain’s position on deregulation – while standing right next to Barry O:

At a town hall this evening Senator Barack Obama was introduced by one of the superdelegates that endorsed him today in his flood of superdelegate gains. Oregon Congressman Pete DeFazio praised Obama and said that even though “pundits” may think differently Democrats would come together in November. He then quickly went after presumptive Republican nominee John McCain asking voters not to be “tempted” by McCain’s “Straight Talk Express.” He compared McCain to George Bush and Dick Cheney and even mentioned the Keating Five Scandal, “He says we need less regulation. Hello! Wall Street mortgage meltdown, Bear Stearns taxpayer bailout, Enron, but, you know, I guess maybe for a guy who was up to his neck in the Keating Five and savings and loan scandal–less regulation is better.”

Um, but no mention of Obama’s desire for less oversight of the Teamsters, who endorsed BO back in February

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