Hillary’s female supporters rebel against Obama’s NARAL endorsement

Rick Klein at the Political Punch blog reports:

Just talked to a 55-year-old Columbus, Ohio resident named Cynthia Ruccia, a spokesperson and organizer for a group calling itself “Clinton Supporters Count Too.” She said the group — numbering in the hundreds, and organized in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan — stands ready to boycott the Democratic Party if Clinton doesn’t win the nomination, and will work against superdelegates who support Obama over Clinton as a means of registering their displeasure with the party.

“We have a plan to campaign against the Democratic nominee,” the group said in a press release Thursday. “We have the (wo)manpower and the money to make our threat real. And there are millions of supporters who will back us up in the swing states. If you don’t listen to our voice now, you will hear from us later.”

Ruccia tells ABC News that she believes “millions” of women share her group’s views, though they have only begun to make contact with like-minded women. They’re disgusted, she said, that Democratic Party leaders haven’t more aggressively denounced sexist media comments and coverage in the campaign, and are angry at the drumbeat for Clinton to get out of the race.

“We’re just at the boiling point,” Ruccia said. “Women will sit back and be quiet about things for a while, but we’ve had enough. Unless Hillary Clinton is our nominee, we are not going to support the nominee.”

Part of their plan, she said, is a primary-night boycott of NBC and MSNBC during next Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, particularly to protest comments made by Chris Matthews and David Shuster that her group feels were sexist.


As documented by the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, NARAL blogs are being overwhelmed, and many state affiliates are angry at the national group’s decision.

Emily’s List is furious. And Martha Burke, former chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, tells Stein she is “disappointed”: “It feels like they are abandoning a known ally for a less committed candidate because they want to jump on a bandwagon. I think the pro-choice community should stick by a woman who has stuck by them.”


What’s the bigger issue here? Not that Obama isn’t a staunch defender of “abortion rights.” Heck, some have even suggested that he is more pro-abortion than NARAL. His record on abortion issues in the Ill. State Senate speaks for itself. The elephant in the room no one wants to talk about is that these women are really upset that NARAL didn’t choose to support the female candidate over the male candidate. If given the choice, women should choose the female candidate over the male candidate because the female candidate, well, she knows.

Once again, the politics of identity have backfired on the Democrats. By how much remains to be seen – in November.

Update: Don Surber asks “Does Democratic Sen. Barack Obama have female troubles?”

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