Political news and notes (Weds open thread)

—— Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) gave a speech on May 18th at a Commentary magazine dinner in which he talked about what has happened to his former party that was once strong on national security. In it, he praised both President Bush and John McCain, while criticizing Barack Obama’s position on unconditional direct talks, three things which will make him even more traitorous than ever in the eyes of the hardcore left. He also tried to paint Al Gore as hawkish, which is a complete fantasy, but considering how right-on he’s been about most other issues related to the GWOT, I can let that one slide.

—— Sam Stein at the Huffington Post writes a piece today noting how Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) repeatedly dissed McCain on the foreign policy front while praising Barack Obama, as well as bringing up the possibility of impeaching Bush, in a speech he gave Tuesday night “at the residence of the Italian ambassador.” How much do you wanna bet Hagel will be asked by Obama to give a speech at the Democrat National Convention?

—— Senator Ted Kennedy, diagnosed this week with a cancerous brain tumor, returned home today. No word on when – or if – he will return to the Senate.

—— Marc Ambinder reports that a journalist and former editor for National Journal is joining Barack Obama’s campaign in a senior capacity as both a strategist and campaign spokesman. Now isn’t that shocking? She’ll be getting paid to do what many other journalists do for free.

—— Speaking of: “I think most of the press people are in Obama’s demographic. … There have been times when I thought I was literally lost in a fun house.” – Bill Clinton, in a recent interview with People magazine.

—— In light of last night’s exit polls out of Oregon, which show Barack Obama winning the working class white vote, the left is busily trying to figure out whether or not Barry O. has a working class white voter problem or an Appalachia voter problem. One blog even noted that the CNN pundit team, which includes the wishy washy David Gergen, called on Hillary Clinton to “denounce the racist vote.” Didn’t see anything about a discussion whether or not Obama should denounce the “racist black vote” he’s been getting …

—— The narrative is starting: Brad Wilmouth at Newsbusters reports that NBC’s Andrea Mitchell is already helping the Dems advance the idea that Republicans will try to “steal” the presidential election this year. Credit Chris Matthews, along with Clintonista Lisa Caputo, for giving her a couple of assists.


Thur AM Update: Hey ya’ll – I’ll be tied up most of the day. Will be back tonight to catch up on blogging.

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