Obama hypocrisy watch

Barry Oh! has been out on the stump today in North Carolina criticizing his opponent on the issue of the economy and gas prices, but what he’s not telling people about are the ties his campaign has to evil subprime lenders, lenders who both he and his legions of supporters/followers have relentlessly attacked the last several months (as part of the overall downturn of the economy), especially when some of those same supporters tried to tie McCain to the subprime lending ‘crisis’ several months ago.

Will we see that same crowd taking the Obamessiah to task for his subprime lender-linked associations? I won’t hold my breath.

The Obama campaign, btw, has responded by saying their ties have been “overblown” and suggested that McCain has no room to talk.

Yo, yo, yo, and away we go …

Meanwhile, the reason Obama was in North Carolina today was because recent polling suggests that for the first time since Carter, a Democrat may have a shot to win this state in a presidential election. Scott Elliott at Election Projection currently has NC listed as a “weak GOP” state. And other recent polls suggest that one of our Republican Senators, Elizabeth Dole, has a battle on her hands with Democrat Kay Hagen.

It’s early on in both races, to be sure, but if these numbers continue throughout the summer, then it will be time to really worry about which way this state will go in November. :-ss

Update: Here’s the quote of the day, via Jim Geraghty:

In those talking points is the line, “Barack Obama understands what homeowners are going through.” Of course. That’s why he had convicted felon Tony Rezko help him buy his house.


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