Close encounters of the waterbug kind

I hate, hate, hate waterbugs, as much as I hate spiders, and more than I hate those annoying ants that pop up around this time of year.

I had an encounter with one last year that had me jumping out of my skin right as I was getting ready for work (talk about a wake-up call!), and had another tonight in my downstairs bathroom. I managed to get up the courage to kill the one I encountered last year, but the one tonight I haven’t found even after an exhaustive, irritating search that included assistance from my sweet mother, who (along with dad) has had years of experience killing little buglettes for a petrified yours truly. I swatted at the thing three times, and the third time it grazed my middle toe before scampering into the bathroom cabinet.

The downstairs bathroom isn’t that big so it’s not like there were a lot of places to go, but I guess waterbugs can crawl into very tiny spaces in cabinets and hide? I swear I do not want to go back into that bathroom, even though bug spray was sprayed all along the baseboards there and a few other key points around the house.

For others, this would be a minor inconvenience but for me, it totally kills the evening. I have an “unresolved issue” in this house (a waterbug on the loose) and I’m irked that I will not be able to resolve it before I get to sleep. I mean, what if I step on the thing while walking barefooted downstairs for a midnight snack or to make a trip to the bathroom? Eek. Furthermore, I’m worried that I’ll encounter the thing in the morning in the upstairs bathroom – the first one I saw last year I had initially seen in my laundry room. I couldn’t find him as he ran off underneath the dryer but the next morning he crawled into my upstairs bathroom. I hope tomorrow doesn’t see a repeat of that little incident.

Spring is beautiful but the bugs coming out is the one thing I hate about it.

Oh, and did I mention the black snake I saw in my yard about two weeks ago? Yeah, I know they are “harmless” but they still slither and look scary. This is the price I pay for living in a beautiful wooded area, I guess.

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