Iowa under water

There just doesn’t seem to be any good news coming out of Iowa these days, thanks to massive flooding in the state that has led to the declaration of 83 of Iowa’s 99 counties as “disaster areas.” So far, five are dead, over 36,000 people are homeless, and millions of dollars in damages have happened as a result of overflowing rivers and levee breaks all over the state.

ST reader PCD, an Iowa resident, checked in this evening and provided this link for up to date coverage on events as they unfold in Iowa.

Brian at Liberty Pundit, a longtime reader and contributor to this blog, lives in Ottumwa, Iowa (local news coverage here) and is currently housing several friends who no longer have homes. Not only that, but the place nearby where he works has been flooded, which means no work for the foreseeable future. Visit here to learn how you can help him out, and while you’re there make sure to read his recap and watch the videos he has there of some of the devastation.

My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, and everyone else there affected by the massive flooding. Please keep us posted, Brian.

Tue AM Update: The Des Moines, IA-based Conservative Reader blog has been posting about the latest developments as well. Make sure to bookmark them, and check back often.

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