Morning Obama reading

First, sorry for the light blogging this weekend.  I am still not feeling 100%.  Long story short, I have had a sharp pain in my left side since Thursday morning.  Went to the ER yesterday and they determined it was not a kidney stone but it sure as heck feels like one.  I’m on meds right now to keep the pain down, so I’m a bit loopy (more so than normal – LOL).  I’m going to make an appt. with my primary care physician at the advice of the ER doc.  Hopefully I’ll get to see her sometime early in the week.

Anyway, here are a couple of really good pieces (via Power Line) on Barry Oh!, so good that I’ve linked them on the upper right side column of this page for the next week.  Jonah Goldberg documents numerous instances of Barack Obama’s phoney humility, while The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza has a fascinating piece about the rise of Obama in Chicago politics and how it shaped him to be a US Senator.  It’s lengthy, but well-worth reading.

MoDo has a surprisingly decent piece on Obama today where she talks about the weirdness of the Obama family’s appearance on Access Hollywood, and how it, along with the “regrets” he expressed later about doing the interview, unintentionally revealed a few things about Obama himself that perhaps he didn’t want known.

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