Fisking Barack Obama’s NYT opinion piece on Iraq

First, check out Obama’s opinion piece in today’s NYT in which he wrote about where he supposedly stands on the issue of Iraq.

In response, Commentary’s Peter Wehner delivers a fisking of what Obama wrote that is not short, not sweet, but definitely to the point.  Make sure to read the whole thing, as he makes sure Obama doesn’t get away with rewriting his history on the issue of Iraq.

And speaking of Iraq, the BBC reported today the much-quoted-by-the-mediots statement by Iraq’s PM Nouri Maliki suggesting he was ready for a timetable for US withdrawal wasn’t actually what Maliki said at all (via ST reader steveegg).  I don’t see the same far lefties linking up to this piece like they did the remarks as they were originally reported a week ago, but then again I’m just now catching up on the news of the day so maybe I missed the massive linkage to this story by The Usual Suspects (hah).

And back to Obama, the leftosphere has erupted over the cover of this month’s New Yorker (it’s a teaser for their feature piece, an article I referenced yesterday). On it is a satirical drawing of Michelle Obama looking like a militant black radical (complete with Afro) and Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim.  In the background is a framed photo of OBL over a mantle, and the fireplace includes a burning US flag.   I agree with Captain Ed’s post about the cover “controversy”: Obama should worry more about the content of the article more than what’s on the liberal magazine’s cover, because it’s far more damning … and isn’t meant to be satirical in any way, shape, or form.

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