Katie Couric grills Obama on his surge position?

Am I imagining this?

Here’s more of the interview Couric did with BO.

Good to see MSM big shots like Couric and Moran (scroll) giving Obama asking him a few tough questions, even though the overwhelming coverage of his trip so far has been nothing but fluff pieces galore.

Update: Check out this video segment between Couric and Obama (via Stop The ACLU), and then watch McCain’s answers to her questions after.  That video makes it pretty clear the stark differences between the two when it comes to effectively executing the war on terror. 

That line I’ve talked about (scroll) that Obama’s walking with respect to not wanting to downplay the accomplishments of the troops while at the same time not wanting to alienate the far left anti-war base?  He’s not doing such a good job keeping his balance, is he?

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