McCain to announce Pawlenty for veep “soon”?

Hot Air’s got the links to all the latest speculation on McCain’s veep selection process, and all signs right now are pointing to MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The Captain thinks the Gov. would be a good pick:

Well, I live in Pawlenty’s state and have met him on a couple of occasions, and this pick would not make me too glum at all. Pawlenty has a good center-right track record, especially on holding the line on taxes with a hostile Legislature. He demonstrated real leadership during the bridge collapse and its aftermath, keeping the gas-tax-increase advocates at bay and convincing the rest of the state to ignore them. He’s also pro-life, and a humble but telegenic man who will inject a little vigor into the campaign.

The WaPo has run a pretty good set of articles making the cases both for and against Pawlenty.

What do you think?

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