Rick Moran’s top 10 list of things that creep him out about Obama

A pretty comprehensive list.  I’d add one thing to it that he only briefly touched on, and that is Obama’s tendency to treat political rallies like tent revivals.  The language both he and his wife use on the campaign trail – like “heal this nation,” “lift this nation,” “rise up,” etc - is disturbing to me, because it happens more often than not.  A lot of us joke about how he’s treated like a “messiah” by the mainstream press and many of his unquestioning supporters, but sometimes you get the feeling that Obama isn’t too far off from actually believing it himself.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I (and other conservatives)  have been accused of “hero-worshipping” GWB simply for defending the man and his administration over many of the BS accusations that have been thrown his way since even before he was inaugurated.  There’s a difference between doing that, and treating the President of the United States as if he were a saint and/or god-like figure who was responsible for “healing our souls” and “fixing” all that ails this country. 

This is creepy to the max, especially when the man himself apparently sees it as his “destiny” to do just that.

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