Is Richard Cohen a racist, too?

Red State’s wondering as well. 

Cohen, one of the WaPo’s liberal columnists, dared to criticize Obama by writing a piece about his “tissue thin” record, and in the same piece praised McCain.    Some of what he’s praised McCain for are for things that have irked conservatives, but that’s part of his point: What has Obama done outside of the bubble that would have risked his standing with the Democrat party?   His position on the surge is the most glaring example, where he has stated that even though the surge has produced positive results, he still would be against it knowing then what he knows now.

Yeah, he did flip flop and vote on the FISA compromise deal, but BFD.  He already had the nomination wrapped up at that point, and he knows he’s not going to lose any votes in November over it.  Even the biggest of the grumblers on the FISA issue isn’t going to miss out on his and her opportunities to “make history” in the fall.

Overall, it’s a good piece by Cohen.  I almost feel sorry for him over the amount of hate mail I suspect he’s receiving today.

Via Memeorandum.

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