Alex Castellanos on the two Obamas

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos pens an article on Barry Oh! this morning which discusses the O-man’s failure to capitalize to date not only on the glowing press reports but also on the misfortunes that have hit the GOP over the last couple of years.  In it, Castellanos tries to make the case for why Obama “can’t win” in November.

I’m not willing to go out on a limb one way or the other as far as predictions go, but he makes a decent case about how the crux of Obama’s problem is the fact that he has painted himself in a corner as the consumate “change agent” politician - not one who will “change” Washington but instead one who changes his positions for political expediency.  Make sure to read the whole thing.

David Brooks is on a similar wavelength today with a piece titled, “Where’s the Landslide?” (via Memeo)

Last but not least, for poll watchers:

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