Karl Rove’s electoral college math

Karl Rove’s got an interesting piece up in the WSJ today that focuses on what he believes are going to be the four battleground states that will determine who becomes our next president: Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio.  It’s good reading for Electoral College junkies who are paying more attention to state polls than national polls.  In the piece, he also talks about what both McCain and Obama will need to do in those states in order to have a good shot at winning them.

I say Viriginia and Ohio will go to McCain (in spite of the possiblity that Obama will pick Va. Gov. Tim Kaine to be his VP running mate), and Michigan will go to Obama, but Colorado is a toss-up.  Having the Dem convention in Denver certainly won’t hurt things for him there.

In related news, the AP reports that Obama has spent $2 million in ads here in NC in hopes it will break the 3 decades+ drought that Democrat presidential nominees have had in this state.  The demographics of the state are rapidly changing, so it’s hard to predict what will happen in NC come November, especially since the polls at this stage give only a slight edge to McCain.

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