Questionable Obama campaign donations

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs fame has done some digging into the FEC donation records of Barack Obama and has found questionable donations that would cause the WaPo to write a two page piece full of errors if it were John McCain.  Geller writes:

Despite dropping the groundbreaking bombshell  story of “Palestinian” brothers from the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza who donated $33,000 to Obama’s campaign, no big media picked up the story. Jihadis donating to Obama from Gaza? Could there be a bigger story?  Foreign donations are illegal, but this story was all  that and so much more. The “Palestinian” brothers were proud and vocal of their “love” for Obama. Their vocal support on behalf of “Palestinians”  spoke volumes to Obama’s campaign.

And yet still no media.

But Obama pricked up his ears. He smelled trouble and while no media asked, he answered anyway. Sen. Obama’s campaign immediately scrambled and contended they had returned the  $33,500 in illegal contributions from Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza, despite the fact that records do not show that it was returned and the brothers said they have not received any money. Having gone through all of Obama’s refunds redesignations etc, no refund was made to Osama, Hossam, or Edwan Monir in the Rafah refugee camp. And still no media. 


The jihad donations were hardly the only bloody red flags.  The first in my series of posts ran July 19th. The documents were so unwieldy, readers like John, Doc, and Cathy (who discovered Rafah) were working furiously to cross check our findings at the FEC site and then mine the data.
Obama’s overseas (foreign) contributors are making multiple small donations, ostensibly in their own names, over a period of a few days, some under maximum donation allowances, but others are aggregating in excess of the maximums when all added up.   The countries and major cities from which contributions have been received France, Virgin Islands, Planegg, Vienna, Hague, Madrid, London, AE, IR, Geneva,Tokyo, Bangkok, Turin, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Roma, Zurich, Netherlands, Moscow, Ireland, Milan, Singapore, Bejing, Switzerland, Toronto, Vancouver, La Creche, Pak Chong, Dublin, Panama, Krabi, Berlin, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Prague, Nagoya, Budapest, Barcelona, Sweden, Taipei, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Zurich, Ragusa, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Uganda, Mumbia, Nagoya, Tunis, Zacatecas, St, Croix, Mississauga, Laval, Nadi, Behchoko, Ragusa, DUBIA, Lima, Copenhagen, Quaama, Jeddah, Kabul, Cairo, Nassau(not the county on Long Island,lol), Luxembourg (Auchi’s stomping grounds), etc,etc,etc,
Half a million dollars had been donated from overseas  by unidentified people  “not employed”.
Digging deeper, all sorts of very bizarre activity jumped at us. Dr and JJ continued to break it down and pull data from various sources. We found  Rebecca Kurth contributed $3,137.38 to the Obama Campaign in 112 donations, including 34 separate donations recorded in one day,  

How about this gibberish donor on the 30th of April in 2008.

A donor named  Hbkjb, jkbkj

City: Jkbjnj Works for:  Kuman Bank (doesn’t exist)

Occupation:  Balanon Jalalan Amount:  $1,077.23

or the donor Doodad, The # of transactions = 1,044

The $ contributed = $10,780.00

This Doodad character works for FDGFDGF and occupation is DFGFDG

The more questions we answered the more questions we discovered.

Thousands of  Obama’s foreign donations ended in cents. The  “cents” did not make sense. And we compared McCain donation documentss  to Obama’s. McCain’s records are nothing like Obama’s. McCain’s are so clean. No cents, all even dollar amounts.  But Obama’s contained thousands of strange, odd amounts – evidence of foreign contributors, since Americans living overseas would almost uniformly be able to contribute dollars. Still no media.

Jim Geraghty responds:

There are two areas where I think there may not be much there — the number of donations from foreign addresses (living in Turkey illustrated to me that there are a lot more American expats around the world than one might expect) and the number of foreign donors who write “unemployed” or “not employed” on the form under employer. Some countries have much lower costs of living, making a single-earner household an easier proposition for some families; also, the ease of getting a work visa varies from country to country.

Anyway, instead of completely botching basic facts in a story about McCain donors, the Washington Post might want to take a hard look at these documents and ask the Obama campaign just what the hell is going on.


We already know that Obama’s “my campaign is responsible only to the people” line is just that – a line (of bull).   But just how many of his campaign’s donations have come from “people” who either don’t exist, or foreigners overseas who by law can’t contribute campaign money to candidates in US elections? 

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