Factchecking the “factcheckers”

Team Obama has released a 41-page PDF file in an attempt to rebut the claims author Jerome Corsi makes in his book Obama Nation about The Chosen One.  While it’s understandable that Barack Obama would want to get out in front on this and try to refute what was written before it becomes email legend, unfortunately for them their factcheck attempt has a few problems of its own, as Jake Tapper writes here.  Here’s one counter-point:

First of all, on the front of the response, is a labeled stamped “Brought to you by Bush/Cheney Attack Machine.”

Corsi has actually called for the impeachment of President Bush. Corsi’s a 9/11 Truther who thinks the Bush administration is covering up what “really” happened at the World Trade Center. It’s not fair to blame this nasty screed on the President.

Ah, but throwing in the “Bush/Cheney”  name is what I call a “red meat” tactic designed to stir up the base more so than it already was/is over Corsi’s book.    Anyway, make sure to read not only Obama’s attempts at factchecking Corsi, but Tapper’s attempt at factchecking the factcheckers at Obama HQ.  Tom Maguire did similarly here on the NYT’s reflexive review of Corsi’s book.

And speaking of Corsi, Jon Henke has a good post up at The Next Right documenting why the right shouldn’t embrace Corsi as some have.  Here’s a snippet:

It’s not just that he’s frequently, remarkably wrong – something pretty well documented and acknowledged by both the Left and (while less enthusiastically) the Right.  (and the Obama campaign (PDF), of course)  Both the Obama campaign and Hugh Hewitt acknowledge that Jerome Corsi is “fringe”.

Bad as his gross errors are, though, it’s not just that.  It’s also about who Jerome Corsi is. 

Henke continues on in the comments section of that post as well (h/t: Hot Air).

Screw Loose Change has more. 

The best bet on books about Obama is one written by National Review’s David Freddoso – the book is titled The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate, and was given a good review by Politico’s Ben Smith. 

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