VIDEO: Sarah Palin on drilling in ANWR, energy policy – PLUS: Andrew Sullivan’s sexism

You go girl (Via MM):

(adding the actual video link here so it will show up when this post is emailed)

After you get done watching that, make sure to check out this side by side comparison of the experience of Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Obama versus the experience of Republican VP nominee Gov. Palin. It’s missing a few things but overall it’s pretty darn effective at getting the point across :) Please make sure to email it to any friend and/or family member you think would be receptive to learning more about Palin.

Related: And guess who is making a subtle little sexist attack against Gov. Palin? The same hypocrite who thinks John McCain is lying about his cross in the sand story. Patterico has the details. It’s tame in comparison to some of the other blatantly sexist attacks I’ve seen made on her from far lefties the last couple of days, but that doesn’t make it right to say. So much for “women’s rights” and “free choice” to choose what they want to do with their lives.

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