More from the “inclusive” and “tolerant” left

Via Jim Geraghty:

Richard Cohen compares McCain picking Palin to Caligula nominating his horse to be a priest and consul.

Hmmm. Sounds like he’s been bitten by the hatred bug he accused his fellow lefties of having over Bush back in 2006.

And Howie Kurtz reports on what liberal talk show host Ed Schultz had to say about Gov. Sarah Palin today on his radio show:

Liberal radio host Ed Schultz was telling listeners Monday that Palin was an “empty pantsuit” who had set off a “bimbo alert.” Shortly afterward, the pregnancy statement was released and, without missing a beat, Schultz said her daughter’s situation was relevant because the governor is a champion of moral values.

Loser. l-)

The next burning issue waiting to be debunked: Was Gov. Palin a member of Alaska’s secession-friendly Independence Party for a couple of years in the 1990s? Both Team McCain and the AIP have gone back and forth about it, with the McCain campaign providing voter registeration proof that she has been a lifelong Republican, and the AIP saying Gov. Palin and her husband at the very least appeared at the 1994 AIP convention.

Stay tuned …

Update: No, Gov. Sarah Palin was never an AIP member:

Gail Fenumiai, director of the Alaska Division of Elections, tells ABC News that regardless of the impression given to members of the Alaskan Independence Party, “Gov. Sarah Palin first registered to vote in the state in May 1982 as a Republican, and she has not changed her party affiliate with the Division of Elections since that time.”

That said, Fenumiai says that Palin’s husband Todd was a member of the AIP from October 1995 through July 2002, except for a few months in 2000. He is currently undeclared.


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