VIDEO: Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech at the 2008 RNC

In case you 1) missed it or 2) didn’t get enough of it the first time …. here it is. Make sure to email it to any friend or family member you think will be receptive to watching it/reading it by clicking the “Email This Post” link at the bottom of this post. :)

Transcript here.

How did Gov. Palin’s speech go over with the far left gang at MSNBC?

These MSNBCers are visibly depressed.

Andrea Mitchell is glumly interviewing a beaming Rudy Giuliani. By contrast, when Mitchell was reporting from Invesco, she gleefully recounted the Democratic delegates’ reaction to Obama’s best lines: “Whooee! Whooee!” she said into the camera.

Kicking it back to Keith after the Rudy interview, a crestfallen Mitchell said, “The war has begun.” Indeed.

File this under, “You know you’ve just delivered an awesome speech and stunned your critics when …”

Final thought of the night:

Right on cue, the Beltway snobs dumped on Gov. Sarah Palin’s brilliantly crafted and delivered speech tonight by immediately pointing out that the speech was “written for her.”

What officeholder — from mayors to the President — doesn’t have speeches written for them?

Now, they have a problem with political candidates who are skilled at reading a teleprompter and delivering great soundbites and revving up large crowds?


They fear. They hate. They squirm.

Keep bringing it on, Gov. Palin.

I second that motion. Is there a third in the house tonight?

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Just found a link to the transcript here.

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