Citizens Against Government Waste: McCain is a “hero” to taxpayers

Barack Obama likes to talk a good talk on earmarks and pork spending, but his opponent for president has actually walked the walk, according to CAGW:

John McCain is a “hero” to U.S. taxpayers for his lifetime record of resisting earmarks, while Barack Obama and Joe Biden are “hostile” and “unfriendly” a government spending watchdog group has concluded.

In its new report, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste gave the Republican presidential nominee a 100 percent rating for his votes in the Senate last year, and a lifetime score of 88 percent.

By comparison, the nonpartisan, nonprofit group, which is the lobbying arm of Citizens Against Government Waste, gave the Democratic presidential nominee a 10 percent score last year and a lifetime score of 18 percent. Biden, Obama’s running mate, scored 0 percent last year and an overall score of 22 percent.

Again, I go back to what I wrote this morning when I referenced the opinion piece Sen. DeMint wrote about Gov. Palin’s record on the Bridge to Nowhere: Why on earth does Obama think it’s good strategy to attack either McCain or Gov. Palin on earmarks, pork spending, and reforms? Compared to their numerous accomplishments on that front, Obama’s record is flat out embarassing. This is part of what’s going to make any debating on the economy so interesting. Obama’s going to walk in and try to paint himself as a defender of the taxpayer, and McCain’s going to be able to turn around and say, “Oh really, your earmark requests suggest otherwise, Senator …”

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