Chicago Bears at the Carolina Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 20-17)

Panthers logoThe game’s already in progress on Fox. Hasn’t started off so great for the Cats as the Bears blocked a Panthers punt and run it in for an early TD, making the score at this point 7-0. WR Steve Smith is serving the final game of his two game suspension, so today will be another tough day for the 1-0 Panthers but we can win it if we can avoid making anymore stupid mistakes.

Should be an interesting day for the Patriots as they’ll be playing their 4 PM away game (and the rest of their games this season) against Favre and the Jets without the hunky Tom Brady, who was injured in last week’s game against KC.

Update – 4:06 PM: The Cats started off on a bad foot, but regrouped in the 2nd half and won 20-17.

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