Confirmed: Barack Obama did not interfere with US foreign policy while in Iraq

Via Instapundit, I read a report by Jake Tapper which discusses how Bush administration officials – and other Republican congressmen – are saying that Barack Obama did not try to interfere with Bush’s policy towards Iraq in a meeting with Iraq leaders as originally reported … because those officials and congressmen were with him.

This story’s gotten incredibly confusing, but in the end, Tapper’s right – if Obama had tried to do what Amir Taheri suggested he did, the Bush administration officials would not have treated it lightly at all. It’s quite possible Taheri got the Status of Forces Agreement and the Strategic Framework Agreement mixed up, as AllahPundit explains here. Whether he did or not, though, the confirmation from the BA and other Republicans in Congress is enough for me to retract what I wrote earlier, even though an Obama spokeswoman herself appeared to confirm Taheri’s account. Like I said, confusing.

See, far lefties? That’s how you admit it when you’re incorrect about something. Maybe one day, you’ll learn how to do it yourselves.

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