VIDEO: Who was praising McCain’s reform record two years ago?

Hmmmm ….

“I have asked them to prepare a list of additional proposals, additional reforms that they think will strengthen what we already have. And I will make a presentation to Democratic leadership and the caucus about some of those proposals, because I want — and I know Joe Lieberman wants — the strongest possible bill. And so they’re in the process of doing that now. The second thing I want to mention is, you know, I know that, as I’ve said before, the Republicans seem to have found religion on this thing. And I’m glad about it. There is one person who’s been consistent on reform issues, and that’s been John McCain.”

That was …….. drumroll, please:

Barack Obama – standing next to Joe Lieberman during a press conference on February 1, 2006.

Video here:

Will Mc use that in an upcoming ad against Barry Oh! and contrast it with what he’s saying now? I hope so!

Speaking of, in an article that noted the low turnout for Obama’s Green Bay, WI rally today in comparison with the McCain-Palin rally there last week, Obama was quoted as saying this:

“When it comes to regulatory reform, Sen. McCain has fought time and time again against the common-sense rules of the road that could’ve prevented this crisis” Obama said. “His economic plan was written by Phil Gramm, the architect in the U.S. Senate of the deregulatory steps that helped cause this mess.”

What’s happened since Obama made the statement he did about McCain and reform back in 2006 versus now? Obama’s running for president, that’s what.

Oh, and as a refresher, when Obama talks about McCain allegedly fighting “time and time again against the common-sense rules of the road that could’ve prevented this crisis” – he’s lying (more here).

Related: Who’s a friend of the American taxpayer? Certainly not O’Biden. From an interview Fox News’ Greg Jarrett did today with Citizens Against Government Waste’s Tom Schatz:

Greg Jarrett, Fox: You focused on two things really as I understand it, earmarks, and we will get to it in a moment, but wasteful spending talk to us about how the candidates break down on this.

Tom Schatz, CAGW: There is a long track record in both cases, some of which goes to Senator Obama in the Illinois Legislature. We do not analyze the states. But just on the votes in 2007, Senator Obama voted correctly only 10% of the time, and Senator McCain voted 11 out of the 35 times. He did vote correctly every time. His lifetime rating 88% is the sixth-highest in the Senate. Senator Obama’s lifetime rating is 18% in the years that he has been a Senator. So there is a vast difference on the question of spending and taxes and those results are consistent with other analyses and organizations that track all of these various votes.

Jarrett: Is Obama at the bottom?

Schatz: He is not quite at that the bottom. Actually, Senator Biden is at the bottom. He has a zero rating in 2007. But Senator Obama is pretty close at 10%.

Jarrett: So Biden would be the most wasteful in your judgment, and again you are a non-partisan group, would be the most wasteful Senator?

Schatz: He wasn’t the only one. There were 13 Senators with a zero rating, but he was one of those that failed to vote a single time to cut waste or cut taxes are even preserve tax cuts.

Jarrett: And again, we are out of time, but John McCain, zero earmarks. Right?

Schatz: That is it. Zero.

Jarrett: Big goose egg. I mean that is amazing in Congress.

Schatz: It is difficult to say no, but he is one of the few who has.

Here’s the video:


Update 1 – 7:46 PM: I believe the presser Obama was holding was related to this:

February 1, 2006

Democrats Call for Action Now to Ensure Honest Leadership

Washington β€” Senators Joe Lieberman, Russ Feingold, and Barack Obama today called for immediate action on the Honest Leadership Act, the Democratic proposal to reform Congressional lobbying rules and clean up Washington from the Republican culture of corruption.

The Honest Leadership Act has attracted such widespread support that it has already reached forty co-sponsors, the Senators announced at the event. Democrats are lining up behind the Honest Leadership Act because of the pressing need for action now. A full list of cosponsors is attached to this release.

It was that same week that Obama, Lieberman, and Feingold were intro’ing this legislation that Obama and McCain were engaged in this now-infamous exchange via letters re: committment to ethics reform. A couple of days later, they made up.

Update 2 – 8:00 PM: What’s this? MSDNC takes Barack Obama and Joe Biden to task on earmarks, while giving McCain credit?!

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