Thursday afternoon links

Here’s a rundown of today’s hot stories and blog posts:

—– Has a deal been reached on the mega-billion dollar bailout? Not quite, but Congressional leaders may be getting ready to submit a counterplan to Bush’s original proposal. Left to do this afternoon is the big meeting these leaders will have with Bush, McCain, Obama and (I’m assuming) Paulson. If this proposal is agreed on, then talk of McCain not showing up at the debate will likely fall to the wayside, and Obama won’t go through with having a townhall-style format like sources from the campaign hinted he would this morning. Funny how he’s so interested in a townhall format when he wouldn’t agree to McCain’s suggestion for a series of townhall debates this summer.

—– Gov. Palin took questions from reporters today. Gasp!

—– Oh, and did you catch how the president of Pakistan was flirting with Gov. Palin yesterday?

—– Meanwhile, PDS continues.

—– Haditha Marine LCpl. Justin Sharratt is suing Rep. Murtha for slander. Good for him.

—– A midnight in the garden of good and evil? Via the Chicago Sun-Times: “A $100,000 state grant for a botanic garden in Englewood that then-state Sen. Barack Obama awarded in 2001 to a group headed by a onetime campaign volunteer is now under investigation by the Illinois attorney general amid new questions, prompted by Chicago Sun-Times reports, about whether the money might have been misspent.” Flopping Aces has more.

—– Andrew Sullivan: Still wallowing in the mud.

—– No, Senator Reid – you’re not going to get away with sneaking through the Senate an extension of the ban on oil shale drilling while no one’s looking … becaus someone IS looking.

—– Bubba Clinton is still continuing to campaign for McCain. Newsbusters notes how the Slickster essentially acknowledged the fact that one of the biggest reasons we’re in the economic mess we’re in today is thanks in no small part to Democrats – and not just in this administration but his, too. Thanks, Bill.

—– May I have your autograph, Mr. Obama? Pretty please?

—– Yep, you heard it right: Finding a gas station that has gas in this city has gotten difficult the past couple of days, but Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory says the gas is coming.

—- And speaking of, he’s just gone ahead of his opponent – Democrat/demagogue (but I repeat myself) Lt. Gov. Bev. Perduein polling for the race for NC governor. This one’s going to be a fight to the finish, methinks.

—– Is this another Biden gaffe? Or is it just plain ol’ willful ignorance?

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