Falcons at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 24-9)

Panthers logoIt’s a gorgeous fall day here in Charlotte, a good day for a home game against the Falcons, our big NFC South rival. The Falcons have the edge in games versus the ‘Cats, with a 16-10 record against them, but the Panthers are hungry for a win after being embarassed by the Vikings last week.

The game seemed to start off well with the Panthers intercepting the Falcons in Falcon territory, which the Cats took in for a TD. It was called back due to a bad call against Julius Peppers. The Falcs didn’t do anything on that drive afterward, and as it stands now the Panthers have the ball.

Go Cats!

Update: It was a penalty-filled game for the Panthers, but they won anyway 24-9.

Fox just showed part of the GB/TB game and talked about the fact that placekicker Matt Bryant started the game in spite of the fact that his wife found their 3 year old son dead Wednesday morning when she went to wake up the kids for school. Heartbreaking.

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