Joe Biden’s foreign policy “experience”

Consider this Andy McCarthy piece on Joe Biden’s foreign policy record a must-read. There are many people out there on the left and right who believe that Joe Biden’s experience in foreign policy is above reproach. McCarthy’s piece not only is devastating against Joe Biden, but also against the argument that Biden is somehow “untouchable” on the issue. Not only that, but after reading the piece, you’ll get a lot better of an understanding of just why Barack Obama picked someone with Joe Biden’s type of “foreign policy experience” and it’s certainly not because he thinks Biden will stand up to the baddies. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We are unitedObama’s got a history of choosing people to ally himself with who have very offensive records when it comes to their beliefs about America. Ayers and Wright clearly don’t care anything for this country. On the other hand, Biden means well but is terribly naive a la Senator John Kerry, in spite of his decades of experience in Washington, DC. Biden is the man Barack Obama chose to (essentially) teach him what he doesn’t know about international relations/foreign policy matters. It’s a very scary thought, considering the very real possibility that Obama will be the next president of the US and would probably get re-elected to a second term … with Joe Biden standing by his side every step of the way.

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