McCain campaign pulls out of Michigan

Jonathan Martin has the scoop.

Bottom line is that things looked competitive there for a bit but with the economy in the shape that it’s in right now, growing numbers of Michiganders – bizarrely trusting Democrats on the issue of the economy regardless of years of them running the economy there into the ground – are supporting Barack Obama, who has his own role to play in the nation’s current economic crisis, along with several other prominent Democrats. Go figure.

Martin reports that Team Mc will send the Michigan campaign staffers to other battleground states like Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Semi-related: Speaking of the economy, a YouTube group which calls itself the Taxpayers for Truth, has posted an explosive video that, from Ed Morrissey’s description, sounds like a must-watch:

The Bush administration frog-marched executives from Enron, Tyco, and Worldcom into federal prison for their financial shenanigans, in collapses that look positively microscopic in the wake of the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Why hasn’t anyone in the recent failure received the same treatment?

Click the Hot Air link to watch the vid.

I wonder just how long it will be before Obama sicks his thug legal eagles on Taxpayers for Truth?

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