Barney Frank plays the race card (surprise)

Hey, did you know that criticizing the Community Reinvestment Act as it relates to the FM/FM collapse is … racist? Yep (h/t: Ed Morrissey):

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank claims conservatives are trying to partly blame the nation’s economic woes on black people.

“This is an effort I believe to appeal to a kind of anger in people” Frank, a Newton Democrat who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, today told a Boston foreclosure-prevention forum.

Frank charged that conservatives aim to shift blame for the market meltdown away from Wall Street and toward minority-lending laws like the federal Community Reinvestment Act.

“The bizarre notion that the Community Reinvestment Act . . . somehow is the cause of the whole problem, (conservatives) don’t mind that” the lawmaker said. “They’re aware that the affordable-housing goals of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and) the Community Reinvestment Act (aim to help) poor people. And let’s be honest, the fact that some poor people are black doesn’t hurt either from their standpoint.”

Got that? This complicit little weasel is trying to blame HIS and HIS PARTY’S turning the other cheek on this issue into a race issue – that is, if you blame, in part, the CRA, you are a racist. Does any of this sound familiar? Watch the video at that link, as several Democrats imply racism is the real reason behind Republicans wanting a regulatory overhaul and more oversight of FM/FM. So, if I have this right: Wanting to implement such overhauls and more oversight was racist. Now, wanting to pinpoint the root causes of the problem after everyone agrees we DO have a problem is … racist.

Frank has learned well, hasn’t he?

In case there’s anyone out there still wondering why it’s so difficult to have a civil, frank (no pun intended) discussions in this country anymore, Frank has just demonstrated why. He brings up race in this issue because he doesn’t want to have a discussion about the root causes of this problem – or at least not a discussion that would include his and his party’s significant role in this economic crisis. It’s an attempt to set the parameters for the debate by cutting it off at the knees. I hope Republicans on the Hill, for once, do not fall for it.

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