Words of wisdom in advance of tonight’s townhall debate

Still busy, but wanted to link up to this Malkin piece on what to watch out for at tonight’s townhall debate: plants, and not of the potted variety. Read related thoughs on townhall debates via John Dickerson at Slate.

Other interesting tidbits of info: CNN’s latest polling numbers on the key states of Indiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. They polled “likely voters,” which is a much better polling gauge than just “registered voters.” The results show a mixed bag for Mc, but some good news in Indiana, which shows him at 51-46. Mc and BO are tied in NC (sigh!), and Mc is behind BO by 3 in OH, 5 in WI, and 8 in NH.

For more on the latest polling info, click here.

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