Ken “Cakewalk” Adelman endorses Barack Obama

Republican Ken Adelman, one of the architects of the Iraq war who once infamously claimed that the war Iraq would be a “cakewalk” – and who is widely hated by the far left for his “neocon” creds (more on that here) – endorsed Barack Obama today. His reasons are cited here.

Oddly enough – or perhaps not – he ends his note by saying that he “hopes” Obama will not be as liberal as his record indicates he is, which is similar to what Christopher Buckley said in his endorsement of The One a few days ago. I guess HopeyChanginess is getting catchy inside the beltway, and perhaps beyond.

It’s been interesting to see the reax of the far left over the last few days to, first, Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barry Oh! and now Adelman’s. Both men have been vilified and ridiculed routinely by the anti-war crowd for their part in “Bush’s war” with Iraq. Now, however, The Usual Suspects are singing a far different tune. Surprise surprise.

Wonder if, like with Powell (h/t: ST reader GWR), there was a little back-scratching going on between Adelman and Obama? I can’t think of too many other reasons why a conservative Republican would endorse Obama, outside of not wanting to be left on what some conservatives are viewing as the sinking ship of the McCain campaign. You’ve got to love these “principled” conservatives/Republicans waiting until Obama started to look like a “sure thing” in the polls before they came out and endorsed him.

Furthermore, isn’t the lecturing we’re getting from certain conservative quarters lately (like from Peggy Noonan, among others) exactly what you’d expect to find from people who’ve forgotten what life outside of the beltway mentality is actually like? 8-| That’s not to say that there aren’t valid criticisms of the McCain-Palin campaign to be made (one such example can be read here), but I find the tone that many of these people are taking with their fellow conservatives to be condescending, arrogant, and dare I say out of touch? They need to save the “talking down to” for far left liberals who deserve it, and treat their audiences like adults.

Most of us share the same conservative values, even though we may disagree on what candidates best represent them. There’s no need for the upturned noses.

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