Obama then: “Our campaign is responsible to no one but the people”

Obama has repeatedly claimed that his campaign is responsible to “no one but the people” but as I’ve reported numerous times, it’s a shameless lie. Add to that this morning’s report from The Politico regarding how Obama donors, depending on how much they give, get “access to top advisers” in the Obama campaign. Nothing illegal about it, of course, but that’s not the point, anyway. The more you give, the more higher up you’ll get in the campaign terms of access, which begs the question: What are the advisers saying/promising in return?

Let’s not forget, how they’re making the media pay for exclusive access on election night. Those who can’t pay much – or refuse to – will get a “general access” to Obama advisers in Chi-town on November 4th. Sort of like sitting up in the nosebleeds.

Hmmm. This makes me wonder: Just who did “Doodad Pro” get access to for the money “he” contributed? :-?

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