Prostitutes for Obama-Biden

Here’s some Thursday afternoon humor for you:

They’re convicted streetwalkers, escorts and brothel babes collared in 2000 and from 2003-2006, uncovered during a Trib special report on local prostitution that will be published after the election.

Based on the prostitutes’ voter registration cards, they’re destined to become Obama girls in November. That’s because 78 percent of them registered as Democrats. Countywide, Dems make up only about 62 percent of voters, according to the Division of Elections.

The Illinois senator also has the advantage with local “johns” — 72 percent go Democratic. And convicted pimps: Four out of every five register Democratic. And for the most special of special interest groups — male transvestite hookers — they’re batting a thousand for Dems, albeit in drag.

Question: Wonder if they’d be eligble to receive a “tax cut” under Obama’s tax plan? :-?

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