Proud of my state

Those of you who were around for my election night liveblogging know that I had planned on staying up until the state of NC was called, because I was hoping against hope that in the end it would have gone to McCain, giving a small victory in what otherwise was an extremely disappointing night. However, I went to bed once I realized that NC wasn’t going to be called before I had to get up and go to work the next morning.

In fact, it still hasn’t been officially called.

BO’s up right by about 15K votes, and I think all that is left to count are provisionals, which in the end will still make him the winner. That said, NC actually put up a good fight for McCain, considering the fact that Dems have somewhere in the neighborhood of a 15% registered voter advantage over Republicans here. 27% more newly registered voters this year were Democrats than Republicans. For it to have been so close just goes to show that all is not lost and though our state will be labeled “blue” after this election for the time being, it’s that tacky Carolina Tarheel “baby blue” and not that deep gloomy blue :D

This state has a chance to be red again. We just will have to work hard to reverse its current course.

David Freddoso has some other election night news which points out a few notable wins on an otherwise dreadful evening.

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