Odds and ends (OPEN THREAD)

Hi all,

Sorry for the light blogging the last couple of days. I’ve had a couple of busy days at the 8-5, and not only that but I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, quite frankly. Behind on reading, behind on organizing, behind somewhat on housecleaning, behind on holiday prep, behind on life …

I am trying to arrange for a guest blogger to take over for a few days in the next couple of weeks so I can take a bit of a breather. I need to get my “sea legs” back, or however the saying goes.

As an update to prior posts, thanks to donations from several readers I’m going to be placing an order for a new site design sometime before December (once I get my ideas finalized – finally!), and hope to have it up before Obama’s inauguration. I’m still trying to raise enough to take care of monthly hosting fees through the next year, so if you haven’t donated yet but would like to, please click below:


If you’re one of those who makes over $120K, now might be a good time to donate, before Obama starts raising your taxes $-)

Please bear with me through the next couple of days as I try to dig myself out of the avalanche of paperwork/manual labor I’m behind on. I’ll be around, but blogging may continue to be light until Friday. If I owe you an email, look for it by the end of the weekend. Major apologies on that front.

What’s on your mind tonight?

Wed Update – 8:24 AM: Hey ya’ll – I’ve got another busy morning ahead of me. Hope to be back to blogging this afternoon.

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