Gov. Palin does interview while turkey is put in grinder, hilarity ensues

In case you haven’t already seen it, there is a video circulating around the internet of an interview MSDNC was doing with Gov. Sarah Palin on her pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey. Unbeknowst to her, there was another turkey in the background that wasn’t so fortunate. Here’s the video:

Tim Blair has a huge round-up of hilarious reactions, mainly from the “outraged” left, many of who have apparently never before bothered to consider where the turkey they eat for Thanksgiving dinner came from … or how s/he got there.

Ed Morrissey finds even more hilarity in a blog post from the NYT editorial board devoted specifically to this “issue” which described the turkey’s fate as an “execution.” His response:

One man butchers a turkey for food (two, actually), and the New York Times gets the vapors. Have any of them ever eaten meat? At all? The editors of the Times should declare right now whether they plan to eat real turkey on Thanksgiving, and/or use turkey in sandwiches from now on. If so, how would they expect to have that available to them without the kind of process seen in this clip? Did they think that turkeys somehow committed suicide and left wills donating their bodies to family dining tables around the world?

Executed. Someone send the Times a vat of smelling salts.

I’ll be home with my family in California for Thanksgiving this year, while my son’s famly heads to Alabama for a Southern Thanksgiving with my daughter-in-law’s family. We will be enjoying all of the trimmings as well as the traditional turkey, and I doubt that any of us will be surprised to learn that someone killed the turkey before we shoved it into the oven. Maybe the New York Times considers that news in Manhattan, but that only gives readers an idea of how out-of-touch the Paper of Shrieking Hysteria has become.


Now, will the “outrage” reach the point that millions of liberal dining room tables across America will abstain from serving a platters full of turkey next Thursday? Don’t bet on it. This is just another example of the PDS-inflicted left doing what they do best: acting like, well, turkeys.

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