Finally, a Hollywood movie about veterans that we can all get behind

As we all know, for years Hollywood has had this obsession with trying to make the American military and the wars it has fought into nothing more than heartless chest-thumping rage machines who maim and kill innocents indiscriminately (remember Brian De Palma? ‘Nuff said).

Kevin at Pundit Review has news about an upcoming HBO movie that will make you break out the Kleenex box as well as fill your heart with even more pride for our brave, honorable men and women in uniform. Here’s the trailer:

The movie is titled “Taking Chance Home” and it was brought to the attention of the American public by powerhouse milblogger/author BlackFive. Make sure to read Kevin’s post in full as well as BlackFive’s for the background on this bittersweet story.

It sure is nice to know that Hollywood is going to do right by our troops for a change. I won’t get used to it, but it’s welcomed all the same.

The movie airs next month. Here’s the schedule.

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