McClatchy/Observer adoration of Obama continues

A little over a week ago, I wrote about the liberal McClatchy news outlet’s selling of a book about Barack Obama that includes articles and photos written and taken over the last two years, and how they based the title of the book on Obama’s speech on race.

I’ve also written numerous times about the Charlotte Observer’s obsessive devotion to making sure we know that Obama is One Awesome Dude.

The Charlotte Observer, I should note, is part of the McClatchy newspaper family.

So it should come as no surprise to you that today, when I went to the Charlotte Observer’s website to see if I could simply buy a copy of today’s paper (as I have a small collection of historic headlines from over the years – and a couple of places I went to today to get a paper were sold out), this is what greeted me:

Feel the love
Feel the love

I can appreciate the historical aspect of this election and understand the need for a special section today, but I cannot appreciate the continued pages of devotion one after another heaped on the man that the mediots are supposed to be scrutinizing rather than worshiping. Remember all that garbage so many in the mainstream media spouted about how the Bush administration was supposedly “the most secretive admin ever”? You won’t hear near the complaints about that in the Obama administration. And not because they won’t be secretive; rather, it’ll be because the mainstream media on the whole will just assume that he has our best interests at heart whereas with President Bush journalists like MSDNC’s David Gregory just assumed that the Bush admin kept things from the press because of dictatorial motivations.

It never ends.

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