Let’s imagine for a moment …

… that it had been President Bush making fun of a celebrity’s weight on national TV prior to the Super Bowl, instead of President Obama.

Do you think we’d still be waiting for the AP, Reuters, and all the other major news outlets to report specifically on those comments while at the same time finding various advocacy groups to chime in with their outrage and calls for apologies from President Bush for perpetuating the unhealthy myth that women who aren’t a size 2 are fat?

Swampland blog reader “jacuda1” tries to be helpful:

I think you have to go back and see the video again. He said “who’s in a weight battle apparently” which is much more benign than losing the weight battle. I don’t know where the “losing” came from but this is just much ado about nothing. With that said, she needs to be disciplined and restrained when it comes to the food she puts in her mouth!

Yeah – assuming he’s right, “who’s in a weight battle, apparently” really makes the quote so much more innocent (not). And isn’t “jacuda1’s” ‘concern’ for Ms. Simpson touching? 8-|

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