You know what? “I’m tired,” too.

President Obama isn’t the only one who is tired these days. Many of us regular folk are, too, for both similar and differing reasons.

You know what I’m tired of?

– Liberals who tell me I’m being “unpatriotic” for not supporting Obama’s economic policies.
– Beltway “conservatives” like David Frum telling the party that the only way it can be competitive again is if it becomes, to paraphrase, “progressively conservative.” Bullsh-t.
– Far leftists who still believe Bush/Cheney should be tried and locked up for “war crimes.”
– Radical feminists who continue to accuse women who support Gov. Sarah Palin of being “traitors” to the “women’s movement.”
– Predictable, boring left wing “thinkers” who obsess over Gov. Sarah Palin and her children.
– Republicans who abandon conservative principles and instead go along with bad liberal policy in order to “end the gridlock.”
– Pseudo-intellectuals on left wing networks actively working to help this administration advance its agenda at the expense of common sense and the future of our country.
– Illegal immigrants who believe they should have even more rights than natural born citizens and legal immigrants, and the politicos on both sides of the aisle who sickeningly and deliberately foster and encourage such attitudes solely for political gain.
– Democrats who think that enacting more Democrat policies will “fix” the mess we’re in, in spite of the fact that Democrat policies had a key role to play in enabling our economic (and cultural) woes in the first place.
– Hypocrites who slammed Bush for the same foreign policy decisions that they now pretty much give Obama a pass on.
– Ignorant nitwits who are still pathetically trying to morally equate fundamental Christians with radical Islamists seven and a half years after 9-11.
– Liberal Christians who badly distort the word of God to make them feel good about beliefs that are contrary to God’s word.
– Normally reasonable lefties treating me like I should be more like David Brooks when it comes to President Obama. Newsflash: I will praise Obama when I feel he deserves it, but I will not be a cheerleader for this administration. That is the left’s job.
– “Progressives” who use their political office to try and smear and silence the opposition but who publicly claim to desire “bipartisanship.”
– Trivial folks on the left and right who waste their time on non-issues like whether or not Michelle Obama wore a hairnet while serving mushroom risotto to the homeless recently or on the “big news” of Bristol Palin’s and Levi Johnston’s break-up.
– Jerk-offs who accuse me of being a “racist” for daring to talk about race issues, for defending black Republicans from “Uncle Tom” charges, and for taking black AND white Democrats to task for their routine race-baiting.
– Being told that I’m a “prude” for believing that women AND men should be more responsible with their bodies and engage in less casual sex.
– “Leaders” who still will not acknowledge that they were wrong about the surge in Iraq.

And that’s just the short list.

Want to join the “IT2” (I’m Tired, 2) club? Let me know in the comments section what you’re tired of.

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