Gov. Palin signs on for memoir – will be published in the spring of 2010

Great news for all of us Palin fans (via ToT):

Gov. Sarah Palin has signed a book deal with HarperCollins Publishers for what is described as her memoir.

“There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate, and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about,” Palin said in an interview today in which she announced the deal.

Palin and HarperCollins would not say how much she was being paid. Asked why, the former Republican nominee for vice president said she didn’t want to distract from the substance of the book.

“The idea is to focus on the content of the book and what’s coming in terms of me being able to tell my story unrestrained and unfiltered,” Palin said.


The book is to be published sometime in spring 2010. Palin will have a collaborator, who is expected to be chosen soon. The governor said she wants to do a lot of the writing herself, and that it will be her story and her words.

“It will be nice to put my journalism degree to work on this and get to tell my story, Alaska’s story. There have been so many unauthorized books and publications that have spoken to somebody else’s opinion of who I am, what my family represents and what Alaska is all about,” she said.


HarperCollins president and CEO Brian Murray said in a written statement that “Governor Palin is one of the most charismatic, inspiring and controversial figures to appear on the national political stage for many years.”

“She has a fascinating story to tell, and we look forward to publishing what surely will be a captivating book,” he said.

Amen to that. She’s done a few interviews, made some speeches, and gotten on with her life as Governor of Alaska since the wild vice presidential roller coaster ride she took with John McCain came to a screeching halt, so it’s not like she’s been out of the spotlight, but it sure will be nice to read about her without that biased mainstream media filter, without their spin, and in a detailed book rather than the occasional interview here and there.

I’m sure the obsessed nuts on the far left, like Andrew Sullivan, will scavenge the book for “info” on her Trig pregnancy and will try to “dig” for any possible ammo to use against her, but those of us here in the sane world will enjoy her personal perspective on the 2008 campaign, on the issues confronting Americans today, and on her life in Alaska as Governor, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Can’t wait.

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